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Don't risk buying a used bike with an unknown history, get a BikeFacts History Report to check:

  • if there is finance owing
  • if the vehicle has ever been stolen
  • if the vehicle has ever been written off
A BikeFacts History Report includes:
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  • Vehicle Identification
    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, variant and badge.
  • Registration Details
    Registration number (number plate), expiry and state registered.
  • Encumbrance Check
    Utilises PPSR to determine whether there is finance/money owing on the vehicle.
  • Written Off Check
    References PPSR / NEVDIS to check whether the vehicle has ever been declared a write off.
  • Stolen Check
    References PPSR / NEVDIS to check whether the vehicle has ever been stolen.

Obtaining a BikeFacts History Report is a crucial step before purchasing a used bike. A bike's history report brings to light information that may not have been acknowledged previously by the seller. For example, if a bike had any finance or money owing on it, as the new owner, this could affect your credit history and leave you in debt. In the past for a basic bike history report, Australians had to rely on a REVS or VSR check.

REVS, which stands for the Register of Encumbered Vehicles, is no longer available and has been replaced by the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

PPSR allows Australians to check whether the goods they are buying have a security interest over them - such as cars, bikes, boats or machinery - almost anything except real estate.

Don't risk buying a used vehicle with potentially costly, hidden problems - know your next bike with a BikeFacts History Report.